Fair Trade Music International


Fair Trade Music International (FTMI) is an independent, not-for-profit organization overseen by music creators from five continents. Over 500,000 music creators from Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin and South America, and North America have endorsed the Fair Trade Music initiative. FTMI currently provides independent, third-party certification for qualifying recorded music releases. The Applicant (record label, distributer, artist, etc.) agrees to comply with the Release Criteria set by FTMI.  Certified applicants may display the FTM Seal.

Our Mission

Fair Trade Music believes all who inhabit the music landscape – from creators to consumers, and all those in between – must adopt practices that ensure everyone in the music value chain, including songwriters, composers and artists are treated fairly. Consumers want ethical options, and the Fair Trade Music Seal informs consumers which music releases are ethically distributed. This simple process of consumer awareness will encourage the Music Industry to embrace a sustainable model emphasizing fairness for all creators of music.