Diego Drexler

Songwriter, artist, secretary general of the Latin American Alliance of Composers and Authors of Music, board member of AGADU

Diego Drexler is a songwriter, recording artist and music rights advocate from Uruguay. He began his creative career as an art student, joining an urban intervention group called “La Tromba” that created murals in his home city of Montevideo before becoming qualified in graphic design and architecture. Born into a family of musicians, Diego also studied guitar, bass, flute and music production, building a music studio from which he still records today.

In 1997 he formed the band Cursi who released seven albums and toured extensively across Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay over a 15 year period. He also recorded, produced and played on many other artists’ releases. These included his brother, Jorge Drexler’s song “In the shadow of Ceibal” which became the anthem of a charitable education initiative that delivered 450,000 free laptops to students and teachers across the country. In 2013, Diego launched his award-winning solo career and began touring across the continent. A string of successful releases followed including the live album and film, “LUDIQUE”, and “Pampero” which drew nominations in the prestigious Graffiti Awards for “Best Urban Song Album”, “Best Composer” and “Best Male Artist”. His third solo album “Eternos Misterios” also won the 2022 award for “Best Pop Album”.

For more than two decades, Diego has served as a board member of the General Association of Authors of Uruguay (AGADU). In this role he has represented Uruguay in every global and regional congress held by the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC). In 2017, he was also appointed Secretary General of the Latin American Alliance of Composers and Authors of Music (ALCAM). This globally recognised association promotes the protection, development and recognition of the rights of music authors and composers at the local, national and international level.

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Advisory board member