Safwan Javed

Songwriter, board member at the Songwriters Association of Canada

Safwan Javed has been the drummer for the band Wide Mouth Mason since its inception, in 1996. Early on, the band became a mainstay of the Canadian music industry. With four major label releases and two independent releases, the band has sold hundreds of thousands of albums worldwide – garnering two Canadian gold records – while receiving critical acclaim and a legion of devoted fans.

Wide Mouth Mason has toured with The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, ZZ Top, The Guess Who, and many others. The band was twice given the honour of playing in the prestigious Montreaux Jazz Festival (Switzerland).

Safwan brings this wealth of experience and success in the music industry to his legal practice. His approach to representing clients is very much informed by the knowledge gleaned from being a veteran musician. He is in the unique position of being able to provide legal services to artists whilst being an artist himself.

In 2003, Safwan took over responsibility for co-management, accounts, budgets, strategic planning, co-tour management, and logistics. Further, he has recently taken on the role of legal representative for the band. Having shouldered these multiple responsibilities, Safwan is well equipped to help navigate successful entrepreneurship in the music/entertainment industry.

In addition, Safwan is an advocate in the area of copyright law. As a member and spokesperson for the Canadian Music Creators Coalition, he espouses a forward-thinking perspective that values the long-term interests of both artists and the general public. His progressive vision of the music/entertainment industry, wherein artists and fans are treated fairly, serves as a backdrop to his professional dealings.

Safwan is also a board member at the Songwriters association of Canada.