Solange Cesarovna

Songwriter, artist, past president of Sociedade Cabo-verdiana de Música

Solange Cesarovna is an accomplished African artist, lyricist and songwriter who has has played a pivotal role in establishing a new collective management organisation in her home country of Cabo Verde. Under her leadership, the Sociedade Cabo-Verdiana de Música (SCM) has transformed the country’s music sector for composers, songwriters, publishers and producers.

The copyright management system that she spearheaded ensures that fair royalties are received whenever their songs are used and extends to digital platforms such as YouTube, Spotify and TikTok. After ten years of operation, SCM now represents more than 30 million works and sound recordings from around the world and has more than 1,700 members, all from a national population of just half a million people.

Ms Cesarovna remains an inspiring ambassador for African music creators around the world. In 2023, she was a recipient of the inaugural Fair Trade Music Award and was subsequently asked to provide her insight as part of the organisation’s advisory board.

Learn more at her official Facebook page.

Advisory board member