Driven by music creators

The Fair Trade Music movement is supported by some of the world’s largest music creator societies from all regions of the world. The organization that administers the movement is also led by a number of renown songwriters and composers, each of whom has direct experience as a creator and the importance of equitable musical economy.

The movement’s first supporter back in 2010 was the Songwriters’ Association of Canada, shortly followed by Music Creators North America and the Songwriters Guild of America. Over the following years, meetings in Costa Rica, Nashville and Tokyo brought even wider groups together to officially adopt the initiative.

Fair Trade Music is a member of an international alliance of songwriter and composer organisations led by the International Council Of Music Creators (CIAM). The Fair Trade Music movement has been adopted as one of its core strategies, uniting music creators in every part of the world behind its principals.

Supporting organizations

Some of the music industry’s most progressive organizations are also adding their voice to the movement and taking a stand with its principals. What unites these organizations is that they see first-hand how the money generated by many digital platforms is simply not reaching the music creators upon which the entire industry is built.

More organizations are getting in touch every day to spread the Fair Trade Music message.

Fair Trade Music International also thanks Gold Entertainment Accountants, Canada’s leading accounting practice serving the cultural industries, for their administrative support.