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The Fair Trade Music movement is dedicated to building an ethical, sustainable and transparent music ecosystem that is equitable for everyone in the music value chain. The movement furthers these goals by giving consumers and creators the information they need to make ethical choices when producing, distributing, streaming or purchasing music.

The movement is coordinated and overseen by Fair Trade Music International (FTMI), an independent not-for-profit organization backed by more than 500,000 music creators from around the world.

Every day, more people and organisations are pledging to support the Fair Trade Music principles of an ethical, sustainable and transparent music ecosystem, and to follow best practices in pursuit of these goals. You can identify them by looking for our symbols on web sites, apps and services that stream, distribute or offer music for sale.

These symbols may only be used with written permission. Learn more below.

Approved Symbols

Supporters Seal

Individuals or organisations that pledge to support the principals of the Fair Trade Music movement

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Certification Mark

Releases that have been certified by Fair Trade Music International as meeting its ethical standards

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Movement Supporters

The Fair Trade Music movement counts many of the world’s largest songwriters and composer societies among its supporters. Some of the music industry’s most progressive organizations are also adding their voice to the movement and taking a stand with its principals. What unites these organisations is that they see first-hand how the money generated by many digital platforms is simply not reaching the music creators upon which the entire industry is built.

The revolution in digital distribution is helping music to reach more people than ever before. And that more than anything is what music creators love. But without an equitable foundation, this musical ecosystem is fundamentally unsustainable for all parties.

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100% of profits go directly to support the Fair Trade Music movement and help build a fair, transparent and sustainable music ecosystem.

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