Greg Johnston

Songwriter, composer, board member at the Songwriters’ Association of Canada

Greg Johnston has had a life full of music. Firstly a classically trained pianist, Greg also went on to study composition, jazz performance and film in university. Fifteen years in the professional world of music now finds Greg a respected songwriter/producer/composer/session musician, and his writing is as diverse as his abilities.

Greg has composed music for the English-language broadcast television networks CTV, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), and has written, recorded, or produced for such artists as: Nick Lachey, Ron Sexsmith, Olivia Newton-John, Backstreet Boys, Dean Geyer, Amy Sky, Marc Jordan, Christopher Ward, Gavin Brown, Shelly Peiken, Social Code, Haydain Neale, Ryan Malcolm, Rex Goudie, and Kalan Porter to name a few. Greg is also a board member and past president of the Songwriters association of Canada.

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