The current streaming economy is “threatening the future of music”

The UK government has been conducting an enquiry into the economics of music streaming. This week, the UK digital, culture, media and sport select committee heard testimony from a number of prominent songwriters. each of whom repeated the message that the industry must reform and be made fairer.

As reported in the Guardian on 24 November, songwriter, broadcaster and founding member of Elbow, Guy Garvey said that the “system as it is is threatening the future of music”.

Tom Gray also gave evidence both as a member of the Mercury prize winning band, Gomez, and as founder of #BrokenRecord Campaign. “What’s very clear is over 70% of consumers think artists are underpaid. As soon as anyone sees this data and learns the terms of the payment deal, everyone comes to the same conclusion: it’s not right.”

Read the full article at the Guardian.

(Guy Garvey photo: Anna-Jane Niznikowska, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

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