How significant is the “value gap” and can it be fixed?

Creators, record labels and music publishers are complaining that large internet companies do not compensate rights holders fairly by using loopholes in legislation around the world. Is this “value grab” really significant? How does it affect rights holders? And what…
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500,000 creators are changing the music business

Truth, Technology, Money and Music: How 500,000 Creators are Changing the Business. For the first time, music creators around the world are working together on initiatives for a fair, sustainable and transparent music ecosystem. Eddie Schwartz, songwriter and chair of…
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How can we get fair value for music in the digital economy?

Eddie Schwartz, songwriter and chair of Fair Trade Music International, presents an overview of the history and objectives of the campaign to create an equitable music economy. This took place at the offices of SOCAN, the Canadian copyright collective that…
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