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The Fair Trade Music movement is dedicated to building an ethical, sustainable and transparent music ecosystem that is equitable for everyone in the music value chain. The movement furthers these goals by giving consumers and creators the information they need to make ethical choices when producing, distributing, streaming or purchasing music.

The movement is coordinated and overseen by Fair Trade Music International, an independent not-for-profit organization backed by more than 500,000 music creators from around the world. Every day, more people and organisations are pledging to support the Fair Trade Music principles of an ethical, sustainable and transparent music ecosystem, and to follow best practices in pursuit of these goals.

Fair Trade Music believes that the current digital distribution economy is not sustainable because it fails to properly remunerate the songwriter or composer. As a result, these creator’s livelihoods are threatened and new creators are discouraged from entering an industry that can no longer provide a viable source of income. An urgent change is essential if the world is to continue benefiting from the vast cultural contribution they make.

It is not necessary for one party to lose in order for the other to win. Digital distribution and streaming helps songwriters to reach a wider audience than ever before and is the future of the industry. But it is vital that this isn’t achieved at the expense of music creator’s livelihoods.

The Fair Trade Music campaign is supported by an ever-growing number of global songwriters’ and composers’ societies from all over the world. Learn more at www.fairtrademusicinternational.org

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