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The Fair Trade Music movement is dedicated to building an ethical, sustainable and transparent music ecosystem that is equitable for everyone in the music value chain. It furthers these principles by giving consumers and creators the information they need to make ethical choices when producing, distributing, streaming or purchasing music.

More people and organizations every day are getting in touch and asking how they can join the other supporters in standing up for these principals.

By working together, we can share the stories of music creators that are struggling to make a fair living from the success of their work. We can raise awareness of the issues standing in their way and increase global understanding via education and research resources. We can provide a roadmap of ethical choices for authors, industry organizations and music lovers.

The Fair Trade Music seal

How to join

The first step is to get in touch and tell us about your organization. We would love to learn about all the ways that you’re working to improve the lives of music creators. From there, we follow these four steps.

Co-sign a pledge

To support the principals of an ethical, sustainable and transparent music ecosystem

Issue a press release

Sharing news of this agreement and detailing its principals

Use the supporter’s seal

In a prominent position on their website together with a URL link

Promote the principals

In print, at conferences, and in live speaking or presentation opportunities

Apply online

Tell us more about yourself and your organization and we’ll be in touch with the official supporter seals and any questions. We’ll also sign you up for the quarterly Fair Trade Music newsletter.

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