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The Fair Trade Music movement is dedicated to building an ethical, sustainable and transparent music ecosystem that is equitable for everyone in the music value chain. It furthers these principles by giving consumers and creators the information they need to make ethical choices when producing, distributing, streaming or purchasing music.

More people and organizations every day are getting in touch and asking how they can join the other supporters in standing up for these principals.

How to Join

This process begins via a discussion with Fair Trade Music International (FTMI), the independent, not-for-profit organization that administers the movement. In this meeting applicants share the stories of their organisations and aim to demonstrate their commitment to the Fair Trade Music principals.

If an agreement is reached, the discussion can result in the signing of a memorandum of understanding that gives formal permission to use the Fair Trade Music symbols.

Responsibilities Under This MOU

If an agreement is reached the MOU is signed. Under its terms, each applicant has the same set of shared responsibilities as FTMI and undertakes to conduct the following activities:

Co-sign a Pledge

To support the principals of an ethical, sustainable and transparent music ecosystem

Issue a Press Release

Sharing news of this agreement and detailing its principals

Use the Seal or Logo

In a prominent position on their website together with a URL link to the other party

Share the News

With customers and members online, through social media, and through other available channels

Promote the Principals

In print, at conferences, and in live speaking or presentation opportunities

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