Fair Trade Music International signs on to Human Artistry Campaign

Fair Trade Music International has signed on as an official supporter of the Human Artistry Campaign, the international initiative advocating for AI use that empowers and supports human creativity and accomplishment.

The campaign lays out seven core principles for artificial intelligence applications:

  1. Technology has long empowered human expression, and AI will be no different
  2. Human-created works will continue to play an essential role in our lives
  3. Use of copyrighted works, and the use of voices and likenesses of professional performers, requires authorization and free market licensing from all rightsholders
  4. Governments should not create new copyright or other IP exemptions that allow AI developers to exploit creators without permission or compensation
  5. Copyright should only protect the unique value of human intellectual creativity
  6. Trustworthiness and transparency are essential to the success of AI and protection of creators
  7. Creators’ interests must be represented in policy making

The campaign has been gathering momentum and now counts some of the worlds most meaningful creator organisations amongst its supporter roster.

These principles outline how we can responsibly use artificial intelligence – to support human creativity and accomplishment with respect to the inimitable value of human artistry and expression.

More detail is available at www.humanartistrycampaign.com.

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