ALCAM presents Fair Trade Music to musicians and authors at Guatemala meeting


The Latin American Alliance of Music Authors (ALCAM) held its first meeting of 2018 in the capital of Guatemala on 27 April, led by its president, Alejandro Guarello. The meeting began with a two-part “your work, your right” seminar in which the second half was focused on Fair Trade Music. FTMI vice-president Ivan Garcia Pelayo was joined by Diego Drexler and explained how the movement seeks to ensure that all parties in the music business adhere to transparency and fair remuneration for music creators.

Most phonographic productions in Latin American countries are linked to independent artists and certifications. There are also informal relations among phonographic production agents. Because of this, suggestions have been made to change certain rules originally envisaged to obtain Fair Trade Music certification. A panel discussed adapting these rules to Latin American realities.

Leading up to the meeting, discussions were held with a working group including Ivan Pelayo (Spain), Juca Novaes (Brazil), Geraldo Vianna (Brazil), Diego Drexler (Uruguay), Carlos Simões (Argentina) and Monica Velez (Mexico).

Note: This article originally appeared on the CIAM website. Image ©CIAM 2018

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